Pulp Beer Coffee Athens, Greece

We were looking for some coffee or something sweet in the middle of an on and off rainy day in the middle of our trip to Athens. After stepping in Madre De Cacao we made a quick survey of the super high prices and general confusion from the person working and decided to make a hasty exit without reaching our goal. As we wandered up the street we walked by Pulp Beer Coffee, which I had read about  while researching Athens beer bars. I hadn't planned on stopping by there, but since I wanted something to drink this seemed like the right choice.

There was only one man there and a woman behind the bar when we entered. I ordered a latte, and my companion got some hot chocolate. The woman working was pretty friendly, and she told us to grab a seat anywhere, and she would bring out our drinks when they were ready. I picked up a menu and perused it while we waited.

The beer selection features six drafts and a selection of bottles. Five of the draft beers are Czech with the other one being either Punk IPA or 5 AM Saint from Brewdog. Pours are available as 33cl or a half liter for 3 or 3.50 respectively for the Czech beers. The bottle list is also heavily slanted toward Czech brews but does have some options from the UK like Weird Beard, Buxton, Brewdog, and Fuller's. Bottle prices were expensive overall, but they did offer a half liter of London Pride for €4.

Not to long after sitting down I got my coffee. I sipped and looked around the room which is decked out in various beer paraphernalia. Despite a few non smoking signs the other patron lit up a cigarette. It seems that it is very much culturally ingrained to smoke inside in Athens. Luckily people don't seem to chain smoke inside at least. Not to long after another man showed up and got out his laptop to enjoy some of the free wifi. Relaxed rock music continued to play as made way to the bottom of my cup.

I can't entirely review Pulp Beer Coffee, because I didn't have any beer there. The atmosphere, service, and music all seemed good, but there isn't much on the beer list venture here for. Luckily it is fairly close to the Acropolis, so if you need a break from sightseeing a decent beer isn't to far away. If I lived in Athens I could see myself stopping by here occasionally, but I doubt I'd recommend it to visitors. I'd have to come back later in the day to see what this bar is really like.

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