Buddelship Kohlentrimmer Schwarzbier

When I heard of yet another new brewer, Buddelship, starting up in Hamburg I was rightfully excited. When I saw some of their beers locally in a bottle shop, I decided to go with Kohlentrimmer Schwarzbier. Partially because I really like Schwarzbier, but even more so because several of the other ones available were close to their expiration date.

It poured black with a tan head. I could smell licorice, chocolate, coco, and some dark dried fruit. The flavor matched the aroma but was roastier and also had a weird artificial plum taste. The beer had a low amount of bitterness, light carbonation, and a medium body. I really like seeing a German craft brewer take on a traditional German style, but I wasn't impressed with this beer. There was something about it that just didn't seem quite right.

Overall: 6/10

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