Rochefort 6

I try not to be too much of a pretentious douche when I go out, after all I am the Average Guy. But sometimes hilarity ensues which would only be viable for a black comedy.

I casually approach the bartender, "On the menu it says you have Rochefort, and I was wondering which ones."
"We have Rochefort, yeah. Its a Trappist beer."
"Okay but which one."
"The Trappist one."
"On the bottle they are numbered 6,8, or 10 for the different beers."
"I don't know you'll have to go look in the cooler."

I wandered over and saw it was the 6. I was going to order it no matter which one it was, but I was a mix of curious and feeling conversational when I originally approached. I guess I learned my lesson.

He went and retrieved the beer for me and asked if I wanted a glass. I said of course, and after looking around he couldn't find the proper one. I told him I would take what I could get. Later on you can see the bubbles on the glass showing it wasn't properly cleaned. Also the beer was stored cooler than it should have been. End pretentious rant ...

Rochefort 6 was deep brown with a white head that didn't last as long as I expected. The aroma was potent with plum, raisin, and fig hanging out with a sweet sugar smell. This beer tasted excellent with a great balance of the previous mentioned dark fruits and sugars which became more complex as the beer warmed. Overall it was very smooth with very little of the 7.5% ABV noticeable. This may be the best dubbel I've ever had, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it every time I've drank it.

Overall: 10/10

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