DouGall's Kajun Moonshiner IPA

Sometimes when I look over the list of drafts at a bar, a certain one will call out to me. While I've only been to New Orleans once, I have drank moonshine a far amount of times in my life on account of growing up in West Virginia. I wanted to try this beer because of its name, and I hoped it would taste nothing like moonshine.

Kajun Moonshiner showed up an orange brown with a normal sized white head. There were notes of citrus, resin, and caramel. The flavor was a good balance between bitter and sweet as citrus and resin battled with the prominent caramel. I found this beer very smooth and easy to drink, and I was glad I drank it. Looking around on the internet for a moment made it appear that this beer is a collaboration with Redneck Brewery, but I couldn't find much information about this micro brewery from Spain.

Overall: 9/10

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