Nina's Mini Market Edinburgh, UK

I'd just left Cloisters and decided to grab a beer to take over to The Meadows. A few shops away conveniently sits Nina's Mini Market which despite being a small corner store has an ample selection of interesting craft beer. I walked in and quickly poured over the beer selection which was divided between a cooler and a shelf.

Many but not all of the fancier bottles were sitting on the shelf and not in the cooler. The beers in the cooler were a varied mix of craft and macro with some imports and local. They had beer from Alechamy, Mikkeller, De Molen, Founders, Flying Dog and several other well known brewers. The guy behind the counter was friendly and struck up some conversation about beer as customers came in and out. It was a bit hard to understand him due to his thick Scottish accent, but he was definitely knowledgeable about their stock. I wanted to be quick so we could spend some time in the park before it rained, so I didn't spend as long looking as I normally would have. I went with the Alechemy Rye O' Rye for a change of pace from the beer I'd been drinking.

I found this shop interesting, and if I was staying a bit closer I would have swung over here and gave the bottle selection a more thorough inspection. It definitely is a corner store with a good beer selection and not a bottle shop with some other stuff. While I was in there a steady stream of customers made purchases and the few of them that got beer were going after cheaper macros. I was in and out in a few minutes, so I'm going to refrain from rating it, but if you are in the area and want beer, then I highly recommend seeing what they have in stock.

Overall: ?/10

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