Permon P.A.P.A. American Pale Ale 12°

While at The Tavern eating my burger I figured I should have another beer after finishing my Permon Black I.P.A., and the Permon P.A.P.A. American Pale Ale seemed like the right choice. It was a pleasant golden color with a good head. It lacked aroma overall, but it was obviously beer and had some slight hop smells of herbs and citrus. The flavor revealed a decent pale ale with moderate citrus bitterness and some lighter sweet malts mixed in. I did notice this beer had less than a month before it expired just like the Black I.P.A, which isn't good for a hoppy beer. I definitely didn't find this beer all that engaging, but it was adequate.

Overall: 7/10

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Hi, I'm Colin, I love a good hoppy IPA, but I can find immense enjoyment in a solid session beer, imperial stout, quadrupel or a nostalgic beer from my past.


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