Cromarty Brewed Awakening

I was a later convert than most to drinking coffee. Occasionally in college I'd have a cup, but it didn't become a regular thing until sometime in my mid twenties. I decided that even though I didn't need the help waking up, I did like the flavor. Now I'm a daily coffee drinker, and I even had two shots of espresso this morning. More recently I've found I really like coffee infused stouts, so when I get the chance I really like to try them. It made it an easy choice to grab a bottle of this tempting brew from Cromarty while at Appellation Wines in Edinburgh.

No surprises showed when the beer brewed a coffee black with virtually no head. Besides the obvious and plentiful coffee and roast aroma there were lighter and less discernable general malty notes. The flavor was bursting with coffee, espresso, roast, chocolate, milk, and a general milk chocolatelyness that made this a real pleasure. I was impressed with all the excellent flavours. If I had access to this beer I would drink it regularly.

Overall: 9/10

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