Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

I got this beer from the Braufactum cooler in a local Edeka. I was already uncertain if this was a good idea considering that IPAs are best when drank fresh, and I doubt the process of importing beer from the USA is super quick. Despite my reservations I wanted an IPA, and this was my only option without taking a train ride.

This beer poured a light orangey golden brown with a small head that disappeared quickly. The aroma revealed citrus, pine, and fainter floral hops. There was also some light maltiness present but not anything I could put a name to. The first sip showed mild bitterness with a tingly assertive carbonation. The hop flavors were somewhat subdued but there was a noticeable amount of pine and citrus hops to go with the milder bready malts. I was surprised that some of the alcohol came through in the flavor. As the beer went on I also found that the carbonation got milder. This was a decent IPA that helped to subdue my hop cravings if even just for a bit.

Overall: 8/10

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