Firestone Walker Pale 31

This beer can be found in the Braufactum coolers in some grocery stores in Hamburg and around Germany. I'm guessing they are importing beer to lend credibility to their own brand. So far I haven't been to impressed with Braufactum's beer, but I do like that they are making foreign beer available even if it is at a premium. Pale 31 cost 2.99 euro.

This beer poured a pale gold with a medium to large head and looked very much like a classic beer. I could smell citrus and fainter malts. The beer had a smooth bitterness with a decent balance between the citrus hop flavors and slightly sweet malt. There were orange and lemon rind flavors, but I couldn't discern much flavor from the malt besides faint cracker. This beer was pretty drinkable although a touch watery. I thought it could use some more flavor, but it is possible that the long import process allowed some of the hop flavor to degrade. I will drink this beer again.

Overall: 8/10

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