Cruzcampo Pilsner

At a certain point in the night I needed some food, and when you're traveling sometimes the best thing to do is just walk in somewhere and see what happens. It was still very busy on the streets from the Easter processions, so I was glad that it was crowded enough in this tapas place to look like people wanted to eat here but not so busy that we'd have to wait or that it would be chaotic. I scanned the menu trying to decide and settled on one nondescript shrimp dish and on another chicken one. I was offered some Cruzcampo to wash it all down with, and I figured I'd give it a try.

The beer was very yellow gold lager with a small head. It smelled of beer if you can imagine that. The most discernible scent I could make out was slightly sweet grain. The flavor followed suit with a general lite malt sweetness and a very small amount of hop bitterness. This beer was an overall bland beverage, but it did serve the purpose of giving me something to drink with my dinner. I can't say that it really complimented my food, but it certainly didn't work against it. Both dishes I ordered were seasoned beautifully with parsley and garlic and the flavor of the beer definitely faded into the background. If you ever drink this beer you probably won't be impressed, so hopefully you'll be in an exciting situation such as I was thus making your beer part of an experience.

Overall: 5/10

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