Victoria Málaga 1928

I wasn't sure what I'd really be getting when I ordered this beer. When I ask what kind of beer is available and all the server says is Victoria it leaves the imagination a bit of room to run. It showed up golden, cold, and refreshing looking. My first sip revealed the not deep thought of, "tastes like beer", which was pretty much what I expected. The flavors were grain, cereal, grass, hay, and mild sweetness which finished with a slight bitterness which made for an overall refreshing drink. This beer wasn't amazing, but it did work well for cooling off sitting in the shade on a hot spring day. The flavors complimented the appetizer of vinegary sardines, smoked salmon, and shrimp that we ordered. While this wouldn't be a beer I'd seek out, I would be okay if I had another one on a beautiful sunny day in Costa del Sol.

Overall: 6/10

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