Hopf Helle Weisse

One night some friends and I were planning on going to a burger place in St. Pauli. When my friend called it, turned out they were full until later then we could wait to eat, so we had to take drastic measures and turned to the internet to find somewhere else to go. I found some favorable reviews for Backbord and after a quick look at their menu it seemed like a good alternative. One of the first things on the menu I noticed was that they had a brand of beer called Hopf which I had never heard of. I instantly knew this was a Weizen and Schnitzel kind of night.

We waited a bit to be seated and after another quick look through the menu I was ready. Then came the devastating news that they were out of Schnitzel. I was forced to get some pork steak with herb butter instead which was alright but not what I wanted. Anyways you want to know about the beer so lets get down to business.

The Hopf Helle Weisse draft arrived on my coaster a hazy muted yellow. I could smell banana, yeast, and clove. The flavor was smooth banana combined with slight yeasty spice and mild wheat. It was a solid beer and definitely a good accompaniment for German food. Now if only I could have had the Schnitzel!

Overall: 8/10

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