Braufactum Colonia

Colonia came out a weird yellow which reminded me of apple juice, but kind of unnatural and disturbing. There was a fairly large head. The aroma was grassy and bitter with some lighter smells of apricot and grainy malt. The beer started bitter but had a sweet aftertaste. Grass, hay, and a slight amount of lemon and apricot were the hop flavors present while the malt flavor was grainy. Colonia seemed to have more malt flavor than I remember Kölsch usually having. This beer was okay, but it costs two and a half times as much as other Kölsch I've tried and was not nearly as good as the better ones. Overall it lacks flavor and is not worth the money. This beer needs to stop pretending that it is "craft". It also makes me hesitant to spend money on the more expensive bottles available from Braufactum.

Overall: 6/10

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