Unser Norden Landbier Dunkel

This private label beer is actually brewed by Störtebeker for Unser Norden. The absolute first thing you'll notice about this beer (assuming you are buying it) is that it is ridiculously cheap coming in at a thrifty 60 Euro cents (depending on exchange rate you are looking at .75 to .85 USD). German beer available in the grocery store is generally cheap but this beer raises (lowers?) expectations.

The beer was black with a moderate amount of tan head. The smell was enticing with plenty of chocolate, roast, and general maltiness on the nose. The taste started with a burst of chocolate which lingered bitterly before returning to a smooth chocolate finish. This dunkel was very reminiscent of a stout. Overall the beer was solid and really good but for the price it is great and a must try. This is a highly sessionable beer that pushes price to performance ratio to a new level.

Overall: 7/10

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