Störtebeker Bernstein-Weizen

For those curious souls out there the word Bernstein means amber, so here today we have an amber hefeweizen from Störtebeker. The body of the beer was golden brown, but the thing that caught my eye was the massive white head this beer had (seriously look at the pictures!). My first impression of the smell was yeast, the next one was yeast, and then finally I found some fruit and wheat in there. I found the flavor to stray some from the typical hefeweizen flavor and I noticed some wheat but more of a malty taste. I also found the beer seemed a little flat in flavor overall. One good aspect which was hidden in there was a vanilla flavor. At times I thought I tasted fruit cocktail from a cup like the kind a kid might find in its lunch box. I was left with mixed feelings overall with this beer.

Overall: 7/10 

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