Ratsherrn Rotbier

I have stated previously what I think about Ratsherrn and their attempts to trademark "craft beer". I have also had the standard Ratsherrn line up (pilsner, pale ale, and rotbier) a few times, but figured I should get them again to put them under the exacting scrutiny of my beer review process. I've thought different things about these beers at different times, and I wanted to make a firmer opinion on them. When I previously sampled the Rotbier I thought it was okay but wasn't excited at all.

The beer was a dark red brown with a small white head. The aroma was lots and lots of sweet malt and overall smelled very lagery to me. The taste had molasses and some soft cherry flavor. There was some other undetermined sweet fruit flavors too. I found this beer to just be way to sweet. It also kind of reminded me of a doppelbock but without the magic. I don't think I'll have this beer again.

Overall: 4/10

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