Grimbergen Dubbel

I was impressed when I looked online and saw that a new Irish bar in town, Barley and Malt, was going to have a Belgian beer as its "guest beer". This is the only place in Hamburg (and Germany for that matter) that I've ever been to that had a Belgian draft beer to offer. It was exciting that I'd get to sample the Grimbergen Dubbel after only a short train ride.

The draft was offered in either a .3 or .5 pour and I went with the bigger one. It had a fingers worth of white head and was blackish red brown in color. There were smells of dark fruit and caramel. The flavors were more complex with plums, raisins, caramel, and malt. It was a really good but, sometimes I felt I could taste the alcohol a bit much for a 6.5% beer. Besides that it was really enjoyable. Unfortunately they no longer have this beer on draft but, hopefully they will offer some other interesting beers in the future.

Overall: 8/10 

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