Craft Beer in Germany and Austria Google Map

Anyone who has spent time in Germany knows how hard it can be to find craft beer. Today I stumbled across this helpful google map which has many of Germany and Austria's craft beer bars, bottle shops, and breweries. Although it recently closed I saw a place in Hamburg that I didn't even know existed called The Lab Bar that looked exactly like what I've been hoping to find around town for over a year now. The fact they were only open three months is a testament to the struggle it is here to support the local beer scene.

I noticed that the map included a place called Graeff Getränke on the outskirts of Hamburg. I wouldn't really consider this a place to go looking for craft beer after looking at their website so I can't say that all the places on the map will be lucrative for a beer quest. Despite that I do really appreciate the effort that has gone into this map and plan on referencing it on my journeys around the German speaking lands of Europe. I'll post more about how useful I found the map after doing some more traveling.

Have you been to any of the places on the map? Let me know in the comments!
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