Bar Review: The Hung Drawn and Quartered London, UK

If you haven't noticed while perusing my blog I'm a big fan of Fuller's beer.  When we decided to take a few day vacation to London I was certain that I needed to get to a Fuller's pub so, I could enjoy some of their beer in an authentic venue. I had a moment of confusion trying to find one before I realized that there are nearly 400 pubs, hotels, and inns associated with Fuller's and 149 as of 2013 in the Greater London area. My initial confusion was that I was assuming there would only be a couple and I kept getting seemingly limitless search results. I selected a few I might want to stop by if it was convenient and one night wound up in Hung Drawn and Quartered which is near the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Also if you are nearby and want to see a less known but very beautiful church/memorial then check out St Dunstan-in-the-East.

The beers available on tap from Fuller's were London Pride, ESB, Discovery, HSB, Honey Dew, and the seasonal ale Sticky Wicket. There were a few other non Fuller's beers available but they were all widely available mass market brews. I wanted to have a London pride to see if was as good on draft as it was from the bottle. I enjoyed it just as much and I would still consider the London Pride to be a 10/10 and a perfect choice for a session beer. 

My wife had the discovery and my sister had the Sticky Wicket. They were both really good but, I didn't drink enough of them to give either a review. The service was all at the bar from the bartender and he was pleasant enough and talked to me briefly about beer. My only disappointment with the bar was not having enough time to stay and have a couple more pints!

I wonder if they've ever had any unruly patrons hanging above the taps.
Overall the bar was fairly empty but, it was late on a Monday when we arrived. Because of the location I'm sure this place gets quite busy around lunch and possibly when people get off work. I didn't try any food but I did look over their menu before going and it looked like standard British fare and a tad on the expensive side. I wish I could have made it to a few other Fuller's bars because several sounded interesting such as The Counting House and The Old Bank of England which were former banks which have been converted into bars. Although I really liked Hung Drawn and Quartered I wouldn't consider it a must see because of the sheer number of Fuller's bars in and around London. I think most of them would provide a similar experience with different interiors. That is why I decided to only rate this place a 7. Despite that if your in the neighborhood definitely stop by and enjoy some of the unique execution/torture interior and a delicious pint from Fuller's.

Overall: 7/10

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