Bar Review: Brewdog (Camden) London, UK

If you haven't tried any Brewdog beer than you are missing out. I was really excited to get a chance to go to one of the Brewdog bars in London and we chose the Camden one as it was more convenient for us to get to than the one in Shoreditch. We arrived on a Tuesday around 10 and the place was lively but still had several places to sit. We headed down stairs and found a couch to sit on. The top floor looked more like a traditional bar while the in the basement it reminded me of hanging out in well ... someones basement. There were a couple of couches and the set up gave off a very relaxed and kind of homey vibe. There was a bar down stairs but it wasn't open so we went upstairs to grab a couple of beers. The bartender was nice but it was obvious that she didn't want to talk about beer. The service was quick and we headed back down stairs to relax.

I had a 5A.M. Saint, my wife went with the Punk IPA, and my sister had the Libertine Black Ale. All 3 are absolutely delicious beers and if you can definitely give them a try.

Left to Right: Libertine Black Ale, Punk IPA, 5A.M. Saint
Everyone was talking and having a good time and despite all the merrymaking it was a good noise level to carry on a conversation. I think some of the couches and other decorations helped to absorb the noise. This bar had a much more welcoming vibe than I'm used too when walking in somewhere in a bar in an enormous city.

A half hour before they closing they turned on the lights in the basement and asked everyone to head upstairs. We had just finished our beers and need to get to the tube before it stopped running so we decided to head out.

5A.M. Saint
I found this Brewdog bar to be one of the better bar experiences I've had anywhere in the world. I'd like to make it to their other location in London and some of the bars they have around Europe to see how they compare. This bar (or at least any Brewdog bar you can make it to) is a must for any beer lover.

Overall: 9/10

A bar near Brewdog Camden we walked by going back to the tube. I thought it had a cool name. 

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