Marston's Oyster Stout

Even though I don't think of oysters as a particularly tasty food I do on occasion enjoy an oyster stout. This beer came in with the tide looking as black as the heart of the most cut throat pirate. The head was thick and off white. The beer smelled malty but I could detect no salty hints from the briny home of the oyster. The taste was decent and earthy with some taste of molasses and soy sauce. The bottle does a pretty good job of describing the beer by declaring itself dark, rich, and smooth. The beer was kind of tingly and full in my mouth and was quite smooth. It grew on me as I drank it but something wasn't quite there for me. I wouldn't consider this beer sessionable but I wouldn't make it walk the plank either.

Overall: 7/10

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Hi, I'm Colin, I love a good hoppy IPA, but I can find immense enjoyment in a solid session beer, imperial stout, quadrupel or a nostalgic beer from my past.


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