Fuller's 1845 English Strong Ale

I haven't had a chance to try many beers from Fuller's but, I have been impressed with everyone I've had the privilege of drinking. Fuller's 1845 English strong ale definitely follows suit leaving me impressed with another complex yet simple and highly drinkable brew.

I poured the beer and was greeted with a reddish brown dark coppery beer with a fingers worth of white head. It smelled faintly sour with a hint of fruit. The first thing I noticed when drinking it was a little bit of hops initially followed by a smooth maltiness with faint caramel taste. There is some sweetness in the aftertaste combined with a small hint of alcohol. I'm glad the hint of alcohol at the end was small because I think that otherwise it would have overpowered the flavor of the beer.

There are many subtle flavors that come into play in this beer. I'm impressed with how it all comes together. It has moments of complexity but overall it feels very simple. This is a highly drinkable beer and if you see it in your local bottle shop you should pick it up.

Overall: 9/10

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