Club de la Cerveza, Playa del Carmen Mexico

As far as I know Mexico isn't known for their craft beer, and I figured I would want a beer at some point during my whirlwind vacation around the Yucatan peninsula. After some research it looked like my options would be Mexican lagers, possibly Cerveza Akumal or Club de la Cerveza. During my first half of my trip I saw plenty of stores with cold Modelo, Tecate and Bud Light, but the intense heat and humidity made those beers an instant no go. Once I made it to Playa del Carmen I looked more into Cerveza Akumal, and it appeared that they don't have a tasting room but you can schedule a visit. That didn't seem very practical, so I headed down the street to Club de la Cerveza.

Like many restraurants and bars in the region most of the seating is outside. Only a small bar and bathroom were located in the wide open front. I sat outside in the humidity noticing the lack of breeze which was common during my trip in Mexico. A waiter quickly appeared with a menu and greated us. The menu was divided roughly by color of the beer. Prices were reasonable for the tourist strip of Playa del Carmen with most beers converting to about $4.50 USD. There were many bottled beer options from Mexico, Germany and Belgium. The beer list looked like it was put together by someone who really likes beer. I could see taps in the distance. I didn't see a draft list, so I assumed the four taps were fairly consistent. I decided to start my night with a pale ale from Akumal brewing.

Smoke lingered in the air making the humidity seem even higher. Sweat rolled down me as I slowly sipped. Classic and dad rock played at a level facilitating conversation. When the waiter returned I asked about the draft beer options. I went with the Perro del Mar which was even better than expected. The covering over the outside seating was rolled back and the air began to move more making it more pleasant. Not long after a street musician who seemed friendly with the staff showed up with a saxophone and speaker. He set to playing jazz with a prerecorded backing band. Despite his talent I didn't particularly want to listen to saxophone especially at that distance or sound level. After four songs he stopped and asked for tips and departed. I finished the evening with Paramo from Cerveceria de Colima which tasted watery after the intense flavor of the Perro del Mar, the heat and my fatigued pallet. It was still enjoyable though.

If you are in Playa del Carmen Club de la Cerveza offers a great place to try a handful of Mexican craft beers or international classics. Smoking is a huge negative, but many people who drink want to smoke, especially outside, and this is located right on the main tourist street. They serve food, but I didn't take a look at the menu more than to realize it was traditional USA bar food. The service was prompt and friendly. I didn't ask many questions but from interactions I saw they looked knowledgeable. They also take credit cards if you are running low on pesos. I'm glad I had the opportunity to sample some Mexican craft beers, and it looks like their beer scene will continue to grow in the areas which attract tourists.

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