Bell's Hopslam

I try not to get to excited about beers that get insanely hyped up, and with an internet nickname like Hypeslam, it is hard for me to believe Hopslam will live up to the outstanding billing. I also try not to get too excited up about hyped beers due to budget constraints (I can only justify spending so much money on alcohol) and a lack of willingness to hunt down rare sought after beer. On the other hand when a can of a beer I'd like to try is offered up for just a little over $3 for a can with no extra work on my end, it is an easy yes.

Hopslam poured a solid gold brown with healthy thick persistent white head. I was surprised by the subdued aroma as I was expecting something very robust. I could smell some herbal notes and pine as well as some fainter citrus mingling with vague sweetness. Drinking it brought forth an intense bitterness with some sweetness at the end, which I guess is from the honey, but I couldn't place a flavor to it other than a moderate sweetness. This beer was very herbal and vegetal. It was like bitter liquified vegetable matter with some grapefruit and citrus mixed in. There was a medium heavy mouthfeel and full carbonation. I was impressed that I couldn't taste any alcohol despite it being 10%. Overall this was one of the greenest tasting beers I've had, and I found it fairly unique and enjoyable. I don't think I would go out of my way for Hopslam, but will gladly drink it again if it is readily available.

Overall: 9/10

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