Mikkeller Viktoriagade Copenhagen, Denmark

It had just started to rain as we left Fermenteron and headed to Mikkeller Viktoriagade. A short walk later we arrived in front of a small bar tucked down a few steps that would have been easy to miss if we weren't looking for it. As we entered we encountered a small room with tables, all of which were full. A few steps to the right led us into another small room with more seating and an L shaped bar. There were two stools at a counter along the wall and small cubby with a table hidden away by the bathrooms. We opted for the secret lair and staked our claim.

After getting settled I headed to the bar. The twenty taps were mostly Mikkeller beers with a few given over to Lindheim Ølkompani from a tap takeover. It didn't take me long to decide on the State Side IPA, and the bartender was quick to get it for me. I returned to my beer fortress of almost solitude. I was surprised how busy it was around 6 pm on a Sunday. I'd imagine this place would be a nightmare to find seating at night.

No music played as I sat and sipped my beer. I reflected on the oddities of currency value and sturdy nordic fiscal policy. I wondered if I'd have a completely different view of Mikkeller if they had prices more inline with what I experienced in Krakow. Eventually some soft music started and people came and went, but it never ceased to be busy.

I returned to the bar for another 20cl ration of beer. Although I like to tell myself that I'm not swayed by gimmicks or advertising, there was no way I could pass up a beer called 1,000 IBU. As the bartender poured my sacrificial offering I cringed as he submerged the tap head in the beer. I didn't expect to see such an amatuer move at a place touted as one of the best bars in the world.

Mikkeller Stefansgade didn't live up to the hype for me. I've often heard it referred to as one of the best bars in Europe and the world, but I just didn't see it. While Mikkeller makes some damn good beers there are also, in my opinion, quite a few duds featuring the name. I guess this is to be expected when producing so many one off concoctions, but it doesn't make me thrilled about spending almost €6 for 20 cl (< 7 oz) of beer. If you really want some Mikkeller beer on draft than I could see stopping by, but I'd recommend taking the trip to the Stefansgade location to take advantage of the better selection and more seating.

Overall: 7/10

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