Taps Red Ale

I wanted to try a beer from Taps during my trip to Istanbul. We were walking around Kadıköy, when I noticed that the Rock Pub  advertised Taps beer on their beer board. I inquired about what they had to offer and it was the Kölsch, amber ale or Rauchbier. It was an easy decision for me to try the amber ale. I was a little disappointed when I was handed a bottle with no glass but didn't figure this was the kind of place that would understand my delicate sensibilities. I couldn't get much aroma from sniffing the top of the bottle. The flavor was a pleasant caramel and grain mix. It was an easy drinking beer and had a decently full body for being only 4%. I can't say I was super impressed with this beer, but it was certainly decent.

Overall: 7/10

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