Sant’Ana LX Brewery Black Tie IPA

I was pretty stoked when the waitress showed me what craft beer they had at The Green Room. I wanted to try something from Sant’Ana LX Brewery and the Black Tie IPA was at the top of my list of their beers. It poured black with a moderate amount of white head. I could smell a strong roast aroma with some dark chocolate. The flavor followed closely but was heavier on the dark chocolate and lighter on the roast. It was quite hoppy but didn't have particularly discernible notes other than citrus and flowers. It was a good black IPA.

I ordered the Portuguese burger, mainly because I wanted to try the St. Jorge's island cheese. It also had normal burger toppings and sweet tomato jam. My burger was decent but definitely not great. The cheese was tasty but not completely melted. I also found the sweet tomato jam to be a bit cloying and not really work with the burger's flavor. It paired decently with the Black Tie IPA but that was more to me enjoying the beer than anything else. Although my burger could have been better, I would probably stop back at The Green Room if I lived in Lisbon to give it another chance. The atmosphere and service were good and the prices were reasonable.

Overall: 8/10

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