Multi Qlti Tap Bar Kraków, Poland

Monday was my last chance to explore the Kraków beer scene, and I decided to start it off at the Multi Qlti Tap Bar. We walked up some stairs in what might have been an apartment building at one point and through a set of doors. A long wooden bar was in front of me with a room to the left and right. I began looking over the tap list featuring 20 different beers. The woman behind the bar asked me if I knew what I wanted, and I told her it would take me a few minutes to decide. I was pretty sure I would go with the Kingpin Berserker but wanted to make sure that there wasn't something I was more interested in. She tried to suggest a few beers and really tried to push a Polish barleywine from AleBrowar called Hard Bride that she said would show me the best of Polish beer. While I appreciated her enthusiasm I wasn't starting my beer night off with a brew that would annihilate my palate. I regretfully informed her that I would take a half liter of Berserker for 11 PLN.

We grabbed our beers and decided to check take a seat in the room to the left. This room was dark with a black mural running along one side. We sat by the window and listened to the blues music coming over the stereo. I wondered if I should hunker down here for awhile or turn the evening into a bar hopping adventure. I couldn't help but think how I would never be able to try anywhere near the amount of Polish beer that I wanted.

There were very few patrons there, but considering it was the last day of a long holiday weekend that wasn't very surprising. Before I left I went and checked out the brighter room to the left, which turned out to have another room located off of it and some bathrooms. There were a few more people hidden back here. I think this bar could hold a pretty good sized crowd and still be comfortable. It had a modern style that looked like it would fit into a trendy neighborhood in the US or many European cities. All this place needed was a few more pairs of skinny jeans to solidify its promise.

Kraków does not lack for good bars. This is the one place in the Old Town not associated with a specific brewer that I visited, so I think that makes it a good choice to explore a wide range of the Polish craft beer scene. The beers were cheap with most half liters costing less than 12 PLN. There was also the option for .3 and .15 liter pours allowing for lots of sampling variety. I wasn't thrilled with the bartender's pushy suggestion, but I doubt that this is a usual sales tactic. I really just got the impression she wanted to be helpful but wasn't that good at the delivery. My only real complaint about the bar was that it was kind of cold (and the draft beer I had was a bit too cold) while we were there which made it lack a sense of comfort. It was a very cold weekend though, and they hadn't been open for long after being closed the day before, so that could be the reason why. I do think this bar is a good option to add to your Kraków beer adventure.

Overall: 8/10

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