Viva la Pinta Kraków, Poland

I was pretty tired by the time I arrived in Kraków on Good Friday. Our flight was delayed a half hour, and by the time we got money out of the only atm in Terminal 2 we had to make a quick exit for the bus. Eventually we were at our apartment, checked in and ready to go back out. We had been planning on going to Viva La Pinta to start our evening and decided to stick with the plan.

It was fairly empty when we arrived. I headed over to the bar and pulled out my list of Polish craft beer I was interested in trying. One bartender was immediately interested and was eager to help. It didn't take me long from examining the tap list to decide on having the Hopus Pokus. I wasn't sure if I'd have time for another beer so a black IPA seemed like the best bet.

While my beer was being poured we inquired about food, but unfortunately the kitchen was already closed. I was able to drown my sorrows in my delicious pint which made me feel a bit better. I looked around the bar some more and was curious what this place was like on a non holiday night. The first room is a medium size with many tables. The middle room where the bar is located has limited seating. The third room located to the left of the middle is similar in size to the first room and looked the most comfortable.

The tap list consisted mainly of Pinta beers. Prices were usually around 12 PLN for a half liter which is about €3. The low price makes it hard to not want to order several. There are also smaller pours available for 8 PLN. I noticed an option for a tasting tray of 8 beers for around 30 PLN. I think all of this combines for an excellent option to sample most of the beers on draft here.

As I sipped my beer I felt impressed by the bar. When the bartender walked by I asked him a question about a the Double Rice Galaxy IPA (a special beer for March) I saw mentioned on the board. It was an IPA brewed with rice flakes which he said gave the beer a very light color and allowed the hop flavors to really shine. We had a short but interesting conversation about beer and the Polish craft scene. He was very friendly, and it set a good tone for my holiday. He said if I came back Monday they might have something special on draft to try. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to stop back in for a beer. When I made it on Monday they were planning on closing soon due to the lack of customers, and I didn't want to keep them from going home.

Viva la Pinta had great combination of beer, price and service. The 14 taps featured a selection to keep beer enthusiasts entertained for several glasses. Prices were very reasonable and in line for what seems to be the going rate for craft beer in Kraków. The best part for me was being able to have a genuine conversation with the bartender. I always enjoy a good beer talk with someone excited about their country's beer scene, especially when it is one that isn't all that well known. I would have liked to have tried the food, and that was the only disappointment from my visit. If I lived in Kraków, I would be a regular.

Overall: 9/10

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