Southern Tier Choklat

This was one of the three beers I brought back in my suitcase after my last trip home to the U.S. I figured it would be good to drink on Valentine's Day.

Choklat poured black with a small tan head that was gone quickly. The aromas were a mainly sweet and bitter chocolate. There were also lighter notes of molasses and dried cherries. The beer tasted like chocolate, but it and all the other flavors were subdued by the bitterness that dominated from start to finish. I felt the alcohol and bitterness were way too evident and upfront. The beer had a very fine pronounced carbonation in my mouth. Overall this beer had potential but was disappointing, especially since I bothered to bring it back with me. I think if it had a wider range of chocolate flavor, it could have been much more interesting. Unfortunately it was more like biting into baker's chocolate.

We sipped on this beer while eating chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries. The chocolate fondue was a hasty concoction of a couple of Milka Alpinemilch bars, whole milk and butter. It turned out better than expected, and I really enjoyed the pretzels and berries. It paired okay with the beer, but since I found the beer a bit lacking, I could have happily just focused my attention on the fondue.

Overall: 7/10

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