Barcino Gòtic Pale Ale

I was expecting a wider beer selection at Red Ant from the reviews I'd read online. Overall there were plenty for a noodle bar, but this wasn't exactly a beer destination. I decided to try a bottle of Barcino Gòtic Pale Ale, despite never having heard of it, in hopes of a good pairing with my bibimbap. It poured in my glass a clear orange brown with a white head. It smelled slightly bitter and malty but overall just left the impression of beer. I took a sip and was overcome with a wave of diacetyl. It was like loads of liquid butterscotch. Hunting deeper in the flavor I could find some hints of citrus and biscuit, but they were faint. This beer was pretty bad. My bibimbap was tasty, but I have definitely had better. If I lived in Barcelona I'd come back to Red Ant to try more food as it was decent and pretty affordable, but I'd stay away from the Gòtic Pale Ale.

Overall: 4/10

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