Alechemy Bad Day at the Office

I definitely wasn't having a bad day at the office when I stepped into Cloisters, but I was looking to unwind after several days of  adventuring around Edinburgh. I'd had plenty of real ale already from stopping by the Scottish Real Ale Festival a few days before, but I still was up for some more cask ale. My Bad Day at the Office was a beautiful clear gold with a delicious white head. It was a good looking beer but not too good looking to drink. I could smell light citrus and fainter caramel notes coming from the bitter nose. A sip revealed an exquisitely smooth beer that was very easy to drink with enough bitterness to keep things interesting but not enough to overpower everything. The flavor had light citrus and lighter caramel notes like the nose. This was possibly the best cask ale I had in Edinburgh, and it lived up to how I imagine real ale as very easy to drink and sessionable. If I ever lived in Scotland and had a bad day at the office, I could definitely see myself sitting down to several of these to forget my troubles.

Overall: 8/10

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