Palm 5 Beach Bar Benalmadena, Spain

Sometimes in life we find ourselves at the beach, and when we find ourselves at the beach it is normal to want a refreshing drink to balance out all that sunshine. While my first drink of choice would be water, beer can also be quite tasty in the sun from what I've heard. Despite the obvious deliciousness of beer there are some people in my life that for some reason don't share my passion for malted glory. In an effort to find balance in these relationships sometimes you'll find yourself in an establishment not known for their beer list but for their cocktails and stunning view. This may have been the case at Palm 5 Beach Bar.

It is important to note that beer was available. It is also important to note that I have had the piña colada song stuck in my head on and off for the past 5 or maybe even 10 years. This is an affliction that plagues many of us and sometimes the only cure is to quaff the ancient coconut elixir in hopes of exercising this sweet catchy demon. For this reason I decided to forsake my beloved beers and dance in the decadent caloric arms of the beast.

We were short on time and high on hunger that day so we only had one drink before heading off for some tapas, but we already decided to come back the next day. You don't dance with the devil for just one song. The next afternoon we showed up during happy hour which runs every day from 3 till 7 with the all cocktails (except the mojito) being €3.75 instead of the normal 5.50 or 6.50. This day I decided to mix it up and went with the green lagoon, sex on the beach, and long island iced tea. All the drinks were pretty good, and by the end I was lost in the moment. The beautiful beach and ocean is just about the best view one can ask for while sitting back and relaxing in a bar.

The service was prompt and one woman in particular was really friendly and fun to talk too both of the days we were there. If you need a beer there are plenty of basic beer options, and the immediate area isn't a place you will find any kind of beer selection. There are shots and non alcoholic drinks available as well. Wifi is free, and although we weren't able to connect the first day, it did work for my lady the second day (I didn't take any internet capable devices with me that afternoon). If you happen to walk by this bar and need to escape, don't hesitate to stop in for a drink and enjoy the excellent ocean view.

Overall: 1 Piña Colada

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