Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel

I had this delicious beer while at a Korean restaurant called Man-Nam in Hamburg. My food was really good although just a touch on the pricey side (I had the pork with kimchi). A recommendation for any Asian restaurant in Germany would be to avoid anything labeled as an Asian specialty and stick with cuisine listed as coming from a specific country or region, unless you want generic food in a generic brown sauce. Trust me, you've been warned! The restaurant also had karaoke, but they were just turning it on as we left. As this is one of the only Korean restaurants in the city, if you are looking for some Korean food, it is a great choice.

Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel arrived in front of me a rich solid dark brown with a creamy looking head. I could smell the traditional banana scent as well as sweet dark bread and wheat. The beer was very smooth and rich feeling in my mouth. The flavor consisted of banana, dark bread, wheat, and subtle caramel all wrapped together with some light sweetness and spiciness. I really enjoyed this beer, and it was supremely easy to drink. It paired really well with the spicy kimchi and savory pork flavors. As this beer has wide distribution (thank you Ab InBev?) it is a good choice if you want to become familiar with the Dunkelweizen style.

Overall: 9/10

The white bottle is Soju which happens to be the most popular liquor in Korea. Interesting Stuff
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