Bar Review: Proeflokaal Arendsnest Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch are not know as one of the big beer cultures in Europe but, a trip to Proeflokaal Arendsnest would change many people's thoughts about that. I believe the only beer I had from the Netherlands before visiting here was La Trappe Isid. We came here in the afternoon and the place had a few patrons but was empty overall. The bar is small so I could see getting a place to sit on the weekend being difficult. As we sat down we were greeted by the bartender. She was happy to help with explanations of any of their 30 taps and numerous bottles available.

It took some time for us to decide what to drink because none of us are familiar with Dutch beer. We decided to go for the sampler which consisted of any 3 beers on tap. 

The first three beers we tried were the EEM Lambic (5/10), Maximus High Hops (8/10), and Butcher's Tear Green Cap (8/10). 

The second tasting consisted of the Snab Pale Ale (9/10), Lindeboom Venloosch Wit (8/10), and EEM Xtreem Stout (10/10). 

One of my favorite aspects of the sampler was the glass of water provided to help clean the pallet and prepare you for your next sip. I'm surprised how often bars will offer some form of sampler but not anything like cheese or water to eliminate the previous flavors and thus enhance the experience so you can really taste each beer individually. I think it makes a world of difference.

Amsterdam isn't know as a beer city despite having a few really good bars. I would recommend the Proeflokaal Arendsnest over any other in town to really get a chance to taste Dutch beer culture. Why go to a bar mainly offering beers which are easier to find around the world when you can come here for a unique Dutch beer experience?!?

Overall: 10/10
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