Schneider Weisse Mein Kristall

Despite my affection for Schneider Weisse beers I was suspected that I would not enjoy this filtered weizen. It poured extremely clear and looked like a helles. The beer smelled smooth and clean with some hints of grass which hopefully I wasn't picking up from the park. The beer tasted a bit bizarre and reminded me kind of a light version of a hefeweizen. It was a bit on the bland side. The main flavor was banana. There was also some grass as well. This isn't really what I like in a weizen but it was interesting to try because I've never had a kristallweizen before. The beer would be best enjoyed on a hot summer day but, I still don't recommend that you try it unless you want to have had the full range offered by Schneider Weisse. 

Overall: 6/10

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Hi, I'm Colin, I love a good hoppy IPA, but I can find immense enjoyment in a solid session beer, imperial stout, quadrupel or a nostalgic beer from my past.


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