Bar Review: Delirium Hoppy Loft Brussels, Belgium

We were only in Brussels for one day during our trip and I wanted to try and fit in at least two of the great drinking establishments that this city offers. It was after dinner when we went to check out the Delirium Village. We had so much Belgian beer over the past several days that we decided it would be good for a change and, luckily the Delirium Hoppy Loft features craft beer from around the world. I was surprised how crowded it was and the alley around the Delirium Village could have been mistaken for a street festival. As I mentioned before it was really hot the one day we were in Brussels during our trip and the oppressive heat was the next thing I noticed when I walked into the Delirium Village. The Delirium Cafe which is downstairs was full of people. We headed up the steps to the Hoppy Loft followed by the noise and the heat.

You order at the bar but there was only one open table so we hurried over to stake our claim. We took turns going over to look at the selections because there were no menus available at the tables. Service was slow and generally unfriendly. While sipping my beer I perused the giant bottle menu which I had been waiting for (there is only one). I was a bit put off by the prices.

This bar was loud, crowded, and hot. I think if you went during the right time this bar could be fun but I just was not enjoying it. I was actually so unimpressed that apparently I didn't even bother to right tasting notes about the beer we had. With all the great bars and breweries in Brussels the Delirium Village/Hoppy Loft is not a must see. This bar is geared towards and priced for tourists and despite the great beer offered it just isn't worth it.

Overall: 5/10

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