Mönchshof Schwarzbier

I really like Schwarzbier and it is one of my two favorite styles of German beer with the other being Hefeweizen. I'd been looking for this particular beer for over a year with no luck. Monchshof beers are readily available but only a few varieties are easy to find in Hamburg such as the original, kellar, and land. Occasionally I'll see another type but it is rare. Something I found odd when first moving to Germany was how different grocery stores in the same neighborhood can have some interesting bottles that others don't carry. I'm guessing this is either a reflection of the taste of the store's buyer or the availability from distributors.

This beer comes in a similar bottle as other ones from Monchshof with metal clasp and plastic cork which makes a plop sound when opened. This beer is dark with some reddish color towards the bottom of the glass if you look at it through light. The head was thick and off white. It smelled toasty and inviting. I was impressed with how smooth this beer tasted and was surprised with its lack of sweetness. The beer tasted bitter like really dark chocolate. My wife thought it tasted like German gingerbread (Lebkuchen).

This was a supremely enjoyable beer and I highly recommend it. I think this beer could appeal to people who love dark beers or those who tend to shy away from them. It is also a good beer to try if you haven't had a Schwarzbier before. It isn't my favorite all time Schwarzbier but it comes close!

Rating: 9/10

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