Franziskaner Weissbier

Here is a murky delicious hefeweizen. Living in Germany, as I do currently, you would think that there would be endless amounts and selection of great beer available. Although there are endless amounts it is difficult to find much in the way of selection without spending some time and going out of your way for it. That has helped to make this widely available beer one of my favorite German beers and in my top three favorite hefeweizens that I've tried.

This beer is hazy with a great orange color. The head is prominent, white, and lasting. The taste has some banana with an enjoyable spiciness. There is also some maltiness which helps to round it out. I definitely like this beer and if it wasn't for one small issue I would drink much more often.

I'm not sure if you have had many unfiltered beers before but that means that the yeast is still in there. Although this doesn't happen to everyone, some of us (ahem) have lingering after effects from drinking unfiltered beer. To put it more bluntly I've been amazed and horrified at the pungency and amount of horseradishy/ wasabi-ishy/spicy gas that can be produced. If you want to do some further reading on the subject you can look here and here.

Despite some of the interesting side affects, I do find this beer delicious and I highly recommend it (unless you are looking for romance).


This guy definitely likes it too!

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